QC rowers set new world record

MOLINE, Illinois — Local rowers broke a world record Saturday morning, Feb. 18, after spending nearly 6 hours on a rowing machine.

A group of nine junior rowers from the Y Quad Cities Rowing Club finished the 19 and under 100,000 meter row in just under 6 hours, at the Two Rivers YMCA Sylvan Boathouse in Moline. The former record was set by a team of 10 rowers in Canada back in March 2014, completing the row in just under 7 hours.

It wasn't easy, but the girls say having each other helped.

"Once we came into the last ten percent of it, I just got so excited and was cheering everybody on like come on it's almost over. We were just a full team then," said Cameron Bluck, QC rower.

The Y Quad Cities Rowing team set the mixed 19 and under 100,000 meter row world record in 2014, which still stands today. A group of six boys and four girls finished the row in 5 hours and 6 minutes.