Local farmers donate grain crop profits to River Bend Foodbank

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DAVENPORT-- Illinois area county Farm Bureau leaders will present the 7th annual Bushels for Hunger donation to the River Bend Foodbank of Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

The Bushels for Hunger program is a joint effort from Illinois County Farm Bureaus from Rock Island, Henry, Mercer Whiteside and Stark counties and 12 grain elevators in the Quad City Area.

The profits made from grain crops sold by local farmers are collected and donated to the River Bend Foodbank.

"We take that grain and turn it into cash to help the River Bend Foodbank. We start to see that direct correlation behind why we need a strong rural community because they obviously help feed here in the United States, but also world wide," says Rock Island County Farm Bureau Managers, DeAnne Bloomberg.

The Bushels for Hunger Grain Drive will accept donations again starting August 1, 2017.