Fat tire bicycle event attracts riders from all over to Credit Island

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Frozen Fat Fondo Fest event brought riders from all over the QC together for a day of fun.

"It wasn't very frozen it ended being up a lot of mud, but we had a really good time," says race coordinator Ray Nees.

The event held several competitions such as a 3 hour challenge course, the longest skid, and the longest wheelie - all on fat tire bikes. Fat tire bikes, unlike mountain or road bikes, are good on mud and snow.

"The people that turned out got a really good ride," says Nees.

The event happens no matter what rain or shine, these fat tire riders are always out to have a good time. The Friends of Off Road Cycling have hosted it now 3 years in a row.

"Its a real good experience for everybody to come out of town and be able to enjoy themselves, get a little muddy and be able to just have a good time," says Nees.