Digital manufacturing showcase exposes students to career possibilities

GALESBURG, Illinois — Interest in manufacturing at Galesburg High School continues to grow. Students checked out a digital manufacturing showcase at the school on Friday, Feb. 10. More than a dozen manufacturing companies displayed their products.

The world's largest manufacturer of machine tools, SMTCL and Pegasus Machine Tool, just donated a CNC machine to the vocational center, which is part of more than $500,000 in equipment, software, and service donations made to area schools recently in support of vocational education.

Students say it's cool to see the machine take a design living in a computer, and turn it into a 3D product.

"It's at GHS now, so the fact that it's actually here at this school is big in itself, and then seeing it running and doing stuff is a great experience," said senior Selena Suarez.

Suarez says she'll use the CNC machine to build her prototype design for a new Jeep, and she plans to study industrial engineering.