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Bomb-like device explodes in family’s mailbox

MORRISON, Illinois — Whiteside County authorities are still trying to find out who put an explosive device in a family's mailbox that blew up in the middle of the night.

"It sounded like a firework, an explosion. I sure didn't think it was an explosion at my own house.  It's pretty hurtful, and it's pretty scary," said Christina Wetzell of Morrison.

The blast ripped the mailbox and some siding off the home, damaged a door and some railings, and a shutter. It also ripped plaster on the inside of the home.

"I'm speechless. Who would want to do this to us?" said Wetzell.

She's grateful the family - which includes her husband and four children - were not hurt.

Police are investigating the incident. Wetzell also posted some pictures of the damage on her Facebook page, in hopes someone knows something.

"The cops were just happy for us there wasn't a fire in the middle of the night," she said. "I don't know anybody who would want to do this to us. I'm very hurt. It's just unbelievable."