Lunardi’s in Davenport damaged by fire

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Lundardi's Italian Restaurant has been closed because of a damaging fire that took place early in the morning Thursday, December 22, 2016.

In their post, they mentioned that any orders placed for the holidays will go unfulfilled.

"The fire destroyed our records so we are unable to contact these customers," read the post.

Joseph Aleksiejczyk, an employee with Lunardi's, said the fire started in the kitchen area, early in the morning.

“Its pretty rough. We’re gonna need a lot of new stuff, but we’re gonna be alright," he said. "Everybody’s safe, and that’s what matters. We’re a real tight knit group, we’re a big family here, working here, so we’re gonna be able to get through it.”

Aleksiejczyk said the restaurant had a lot of catering orders to fulfill on Christmas Eve that will now go unfilled.

"It's really painful to be able to tell our clientele that they’re going to have to look somewhere else this Christmas Eve," he said.  “We are definitely planning on rebuilding. Its gonna be bigger, its gonna be better, and we’re gonna be ready for business.”