What the world needs now: an IHOP inside an Applebees (or is it vice versa?)

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Photos taken from DineEquity.com.

DETROIT — Downtown Detroit has taken it’s fair share of slings and arrows over the years, but in a move that may make culinary history, it will soon be the home to the world’s first combination IHOP and Applebees.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the 300-seat combo restaurant will open across from the downtown Renaissance Center, geared toward serving tourists and hotel guests in the area.

According to the story, the restaurant’s menu is still being finalized, but is expected to offer all-day breakfast and anytime you want them chicken wings.

The targeted opening date is 2017.

The IHOP and Applebee’s chains are owned by Glendale, Calif.-based DineEquity, which was created in 2007 when IHOP bought Applebee’s. DineEquity CEO Julia Stewart said in a statement Wednesday that the company is excited to have its two brands under the same roof for the first time.