The community pays tribute to Ellis Kell

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - A tribute was held at the River Music Experience for Ellis Kell, who suddenly passed away last week after being diagnosed with cancer.

He was a mainstay and mentor on the Quad City music scene for more than three decades.

"This is an important outlet for them to be able to show their emotions, show what they`re going through and be able to pay homage to such an important man," said Becca Nicke, one of Kell's coworkers.

It was a night of music to honor a man who embodied it.

"Imagine, I mean Prince, Ellis Kell, David Bowie, all up in heaven right now and Ellis is, he`s the king of them all," said Collin Keemle, a former student.

Kell was more than a well-known blues musician, he was a father, a friend and a mentor.

"Don`t know anyone kinder, gentler, more compassion, than how Ellis lived his life," said friend, Rick Palmer.

The impact he left on the community can been seen throughout the crowded room.

"You can judge a man by how he was remembered by all of his friends and colleagues and I mean just look at all the people that are here," said Keemle.

Celebrating the life he lived through the songs he loved and continuing to carry on his legacy.

"What Ellis has done here a the RME has changed so many countless people lives and I think that should be our mission to keep it going," said Keemle.

As Kell continues to carry on in another life.

"Yeah there's a jam session going on right now, haha, that someday I'm going to be a part of," said Palmer.