Icy conditions on I-74 cause accidents and early-morning back up

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7:15am Update - The traffic issue is back to normal on the bridge. Patchy ice is possible!

6:45am Update - An earlier accident is being cleared at I-74 and I-280 interchange in Moline.

6:30am Update - Traffic is backed up in both directions. Right lane is closed Illinois-bound. Left lane is closed Iowa-bound. As volume increases, the back-up is expected to grow. We're following developing news this morning.

Original post - Moline Police Department reports very slick conditions on the I-74 Bridge. Dangerous conditions have also caused at least one accident. Traffic is currently backed-up in the Iowa-bound lanes as of 5:40am. With volume increasing, it's a good idea to find a better route.

Due to cold conditions, road chemicals are less-effective melting ice and snow. Be careful if you're getting on the roads this morning!

Here's a look at the current traffic on the bridge:

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