‘Santa’s Mechanic’ hopes someone new will take over sleigh collection, repairs

DENVER, Missouri - America's foremost expert on sleighs has been collecting and repairing them since he was a young man, and now he's looking for someone to take up his craft.

Bill Engel lives in Denver, Missouri  just south of the Iowa-Mississippi border. He started collecting sleighs 16 years ago when he saw an old one purchased at an auction, then immediately get torn apart and used for a coffee table.

Engel says many of his sleighs come from Iowa, and says he hopes the next great sleigh collector will make a trip to his property, and possibly continue his legacy.

"I've inherited sleighs from people I didn't even know. They would call and they would say 'I'm getting old and I want somebody to have my sleigh,'" said Engel.
I've repeatedly had people come down and wanted to buy this one, and offer me a big check and I just had to tell them 'no.'"

Engel says he's ready to retire from his hobby and wants to place these sleighs in a museum, but he's not sure which one will take them.

Learn more about Denver Sleigh Works at www.sleighworks.com.