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Goat wears costumes to fight anxiety – and the internet loves it

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Meet Polly the goat. Polly’s owner runs an animal sanctuary in New Jersey and says the goat suffers from severe anxiety. But no worries, this goofy duck costume seems to help.

Polly’s owner says for whatever reason, when Polly wears the costume, she’s happy as a clam – er, goat. And as bizarre as it may be, the internet is loving it.

But it’s not JUST duck costumes…

Of course Angel wanted to dress up too! She's a unicorn! Angel had another trip to the vet yesterday, and we took blood tests for some scary stuff, but our vet really believes that her issues can be resolved with a new cart and long term rehabilitation. She has some injuries, nerve damage, weakness and possibly a little something centrally going on, but he remains positive and so do we. I am going to order Angel a BMW of carts that has been measured and will be fitted by her physical therapist to make sure we get it right. This cart is pricey, but should last her a long time. The new cart will cost almost $1,000. I realize some will think this is extravagant for a goat, and I get that, but that's not my opinion and I ask that you keep yours to yourself. This has been an extremely emotional journey for me and I appreciate the huge amount of support Angel has. She has been a huge inspiration to so many by not giving up and she will continue to inspire through her fight to overcome. If you would like to contribute to Angel's new wheels and to her rehabilitation appointments, please donate via PayPal: or our go fund me campaign. The link is in the bio! Thank you! #angelsarmy

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Polly is going viral, quacking up thousands on social media.

Volume UP!!!!!

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