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Floating brewery and bar for Davenport riverfront, proposed to council

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Here at Davenport's Downtown Deli, it's all about choices. And soon the city of Davenport will have major food for thought.

Now that the River City Casino boat set sail from the city's downtown riverfront, it's time to focus on what's next.

A plan from the company Restoration St. Louis will be presented to Davenport City Council Tuesday. It calls for a floating platform where the boat used to be, housing a brewery and bar, with outdoor dining and green space and a banquet room for different events.

"It looks really nice and I'm glad Davenport's building and putting nice things in the Quad Cities," says Davenport resident Kristianna Hayes.

But some diners we talked with say, not so fast. They think the city needs to start from scratch. That means removing the old overhang and platform all together.

"Step back and see what the clear canvass looks at before you start putting something on it. Why do anything right now? Just get rid of the barge, make it all green, and let it sit. Let's see how it looks," says Davenport resident Doug Miller.

But others are hungry for change now.

"It's definitely a good start, and I wouldn't push it to the side. It looks beautiful, I'd definitely put my trust into it," says Hayes.

The company, Restoration St. Louis, also renovated the Hotel Blackhawk and the City Square building in downtown Davenport.

Davenport City Council will hold a public work session Tuesday at 4 p.m. at City Hall. All residents are welcome to come voice their opinions on the proposal.