Davenport man accused of assaulting girlfriend and causing a miscarriage

Mark D. Roberts

DAVENPORT — A man who allegedly beat his girlfriend so badly it caused her to miscarry has been arrested by Davenport police and faces charges of domestic abuse, willful injury, control of a firearm as the subject of a protective order and non-consensual termination of a pregnancy during the commission of  a forcible felony.

Mark D Roberts, 23, was arrested Tuesday, Nov. 15. According to police, Roberts assaulted his six-months pregnant girlfriend at the home of his brother. The police affidavit states he assaulted the woman and as a result, she sustained serious injuries and lost the child. The report also alleges Roberts threatened his brother and others in the home with a handgun. The fact he was convicted of felony domestic assault in 2009 led to the firearm charge.

Roberts remains in the Scott County Jail.