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Company donates standing wheelchair to teen caught trying to stand for flag

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Arek Trenholm. Photo courtesy Myron Leggett

Bridgeport, MI (WNEM) — Arek Trenholm is a wheelchair bound teen caught on camera trying to stand for the American flag.

The photo went viral and now Arek won’t have to try so hard to stand anymore.

The small gesture of patriotism during his high school homecoming parade in Florida reached the eyes of a Mid-Michigan business owner and touched his heart.

Arek has spinabifada and has been bound to a traditional wheelchair for 10 years.

Doing normal things like speaking to someone at eye level or simply standing are no longer challenges for him. Thanks to the standing wheelchair, delivered by the Standing Company in Saginaw.

The the company heard about Arek all the way in Florida they decided they had to step in.

“If somebody with a disability or limitation can stand themselves up, then other people can do it,” said David Maszik, founder of the Standing Company.

Maszik was moved to tears by Arek’s story and was more than happy to help out.

“He’s a great example for many people I think and it was neat to see,” Maszik said.

The Standing Company didn’t just deliver Arek a wheelchair, they customized it at its headquarters in Saginaw.

The company said they are happy to provide resources that can provide a better quality of life for those dealing with a disability and as for Arek, he’s already finding his independence.