Nice weather to see the supermoon

We've been lucky with such a nice stretch of weather! Mostly clear skies today will give way to a partly cloudy sky this evening. There will be enough breaks in the clouds to get a great view of the supermoon! The term "supermoon" refers to when the moon is in its full phase and also is the closest to Earth during its orbit. The moon will be the closest to the Earth since 1948 and will appear about 30% brighter in the sky than usual. While it's going to feel chilly outside, lows will stay above freezing... we'll drop to the upper 30s.

More cloud cover is in store for us tomorrow thanks to a weak cold front. However, highs will still be well above normal, and we'll reach around 60.

The mild weather stays around from Tuesday through Friday with highs in the mid to upper 60s. Our next chance of rain will be on Friday along a cold front. After that front passes, we will really see those temperatures drop! Highs for the next upcoming weekend will be in the low to mid 40s.

-Meteorologist Taylor Graham