Illinois Primary Election full results

Special election to be held to fill Iowa Senate seat vacancy

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DES MOINES, Iowa - While the majority of voters are happy the elections are over with, the ads and campaigning arent' over with in Scott County.

Mike Gonzales, a police officer for the LeClaire Police Department is running for a seat in the Iowa State Senate.

A special election is five weeks away to fill the seat held by Democratic Senator Joe Seng who died in September.

Jim Lykam, who's been in the Iowa House the last 16 years, was picked by Democrats to challenge Gonzales.

However, both candidates agree the election date couldn't come at a worse time, December 27th, two days after Christmas.

"People are with family, they could be traveling. They`re not thinking of an election especially after how contentious this general election was," said Representative Lykam.

Both candidates are also trying not to let their party down. The general election was a big win for Iowa Republicans. They now control both the House and Senate and could be stronger if they win next month's race.

Gonzales says he hopes to keep the streak going, "People were ready for a change and hopefully we can give them that in the right direction."

Representative Lykam says a victory for him could help rebuild Iowa's Democratic party.

"We have to pick ourselves up off the floor and start rebuilding both in the Senate and in the House."

Representatives Cindy Winckler and Monice Kurth were also nominated for the seat by the Scott County Democrats, but both declined.