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Veterans Day around the Quad Cities

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Harold Hansen a Vietnam veteran holds his American flag with pride.

"We come down every year, I bring out my 4 by 6 flag and away we go," said Harold Hansen, Vietnam Veteran.

Watching the Davenport Veterans Day parade, Harold along with everyone here is thankful for those paying tribute today.

"It's just gonna be a beautiful day, I'm happy to see the city of Davenport give the kids a day off to be down here to see it," said Hansen.

Joshua gives a salute to the veterans passing in the parade.

"It means where you celebrate all sorts of types of veterans, my dad was a veteran himself," said Joshua Tayloe, parade goer.

A ceremony was also held at the Rock Island Arsenal, honoring those veterans who are no longer with us.

"Were out here to pay respect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice," said Mike Malstrom, Marine Corp. Veteran.

Veterans past and present came together.

"It really shows this kinship and relationship and the lineage of commitment from past veterans, past soldiers to today's active duty military personal," said Kenneth Tauke, Colonel in the United States Army.

Veterans from all walks of life, giving thanks to one-another for their service.

"It's an honor to be able to come over here with fellow brothers in arms and say thank you to those that we have buried here," said Malstrom.

Both celebrations different, with one thing in common, thanking the veterans for protecting and serving the USA.