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Singing and celebrating for the Cubs at Moline’s Roosevelt School

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MOLINE, Illinois - Roosevelt School celebrated a remarkable World Series championship for the Cubs on Thursday, November 3, 2016. Inside the school cafeteria, Sue Bennett led the way with high-fives and cheers.

After the late-night, 8-7 win over the Cleveland Indians,  Bennett was back at work after just two hours sleep.

"It's just amazing," said the longtime fan.  "It's finally hitting home."

Youngsters sang and danced to "Go Cubs Go," while they savored this magical moment.

"I didn't get to watch it," confessed fourth grader Bodie Lambert.  "My dad told me everything in the morning, and it was so exciting."

Bodie got a special present for his 10th birthday on Thursday -- a Cubs championship.

"The best," he continued. "Just to see my favorite team win is enough for me."

Bennett kept the kids interested with decorations and updates throughout the World Series.

"This means now we've opened that door," she said.  "We're going to do it again and again and again.  No more 108 years."

Maybe Bodie, the birthday boy,  put it best.

"They were lovable losers," he concluded.  "Now, they're champions."