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Iowa looking at a minimum wage increase across the state

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad said he's going to start exploring raising the minimum wage across in Iowa.

For businesses like Barrel House in Davenport, Iowa they said the increase wouldn't affect them much.

"If we need to generate more revenue to outset that cost then we just give even better service and yummier food and focus on those aspects even more," Abraham Blair, director of kitchen operations at Barrel House.

Blair said his staff is hardworking and he'd like to see them make a little more.

"I Think it's time I think it's time for us to get with the trend and be more competitive with some other states," said Blair.

The Scott County Board of Trustees said it's time for a set minimum wage across the state of Iowa.

"You don`t want to hodge-podge 99 different counties and have different minimum wage," said Jim Hancock, Scott County Board of Supervisors.

The board believes it's up to the state to make the change.

“This is definitely a state issue and I think Governor Branstad is right on," said Hancock.

At Woodfire Grill, their owner doesn't agree with this change.

"Not a good idea from a business owner stand point as well as a consumer stand point so basically what your gonna see happen is in the long run just basically inflation to offset it," said Toby Christianson, owner of Woodfire Grill.

He believes it will end up hurting more than it could help.

"Long term, how do businesses offset that, they're not just gonna eat it, well pun intended, we're in a restaurant, eventually we're gonna see price increases as an adjustment to that," said Christianson.

But for these businesses they have some time, the discussion about raising the minimum wage won't happen until after the November 8th election.