Helping hands work to restore Kings Harvest after Davenport tornado

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Dozens of volunteers are helping Kings Harvest shelter recover from tornado damage.

The Davenport shelter had to close two weeks ago when the storm wiped out a new roof.

The shelter still doesn't know when it will reopen, but Friday's work day is producing an overwhelming outpouring.

"You get thrown in, and you start working," said volunteer Shari Dague.

Dague joined other volunteers from KONE, pitching in with hands-on work to save the shelter.

"Wiping down the shelves from all the dust that settled from the roof," she said.

Tornado damage from October 6, 2016, put holes in the ceiling, water on the floor and ripped off a new roof.

"There's so many people that need shelter right now," said Brandi Anderson, assistant director at King's Harvest.  "It's hard not to be able to help them when that's what you do."

Kings Harvest also normally serves 150 people at its meal site, 824 W. 3rd Street, Davenport.

"We have a list to go through," said volunteer Dan Schlader.

Schlader was busy deep cleaning the kitchen for future meals.

"We're taking care of the refrigerator and general cleaning while everything is shut down," he said.

There's lots of sweeping and scrubbing.  Everywhere you look, hands are in motion.

A professional crew is busy on the third floor, where the most severe damage occurred.

"From what I've seen, they didn't get a whole lot of water from the upper level," said volunteer Tim VanHecke.  "They've just got to be cautious."

These are simple tasks that send a powerful message about saving the shelter.

"It'll be so exciting to get everybody back in here, and get to see all the people we love so much that we've been missing the past couple of weeks," Anderson concluded.

While the shelter is insured, cash donations are most needed right now.

To find out ways to help, check:

Donations may also be mailed to: Kings Harvest, 5837 Wisconsin Avenue, Davenport, Iowa, 52806.