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Proposal could bring vertical farming to Davenport’s riverfront

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Looking at the 40-foot shipping container you wouldn't expect to see what's inside.

"Were using vertical towers to grow our produce in and we start at the germination table, with a seed, get that plant to about 3 weeks old and then we'll move it into the towers where it grows another 3 weeks to full maturity," said Andrew Freitag, Owner of Friday's Fresh Market.

Using LED lights, water and proper nutrition the greens can be grown year round and are all organic.

"We don't use any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, any interruptions that we would have into our climate or insects, we handle that manually," said Freitag.

All of those factors make it more sustainable than traditional farming.

"This allows us to use 90% less water, 50% less nutrients and control the climate year round," said Freitag.

Friday's Fresh Market wants to put another one of their farms down by the riverfront.

"Sustainable living, sustainable farming that`s what Iowa`s all about and this is such a cutting edge opportunity for the farmers market," said Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose.

They planted the idea in the minds of the Davenport Levee Commission.

"As the process plays out we`ll see what happens but personally I think it`s wonderful," said Ambrose.

The plans need approval but they hope the idea will grow into a sustainable reality.