Scott County Auditor’s Office responds to Gov. Branstad’s election rigging claims

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DAVENPORT, Iowa--  Early voting polls are still seeing a lot of traffic in Scott County, even after Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's re-enforcement of Donald Trumps claims of election rigging.

But for Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Roxanna Moritz, it's not the people going to the polls who worry her, it's the people who will stay home because of all the talk about voter fraud.

"We're really going to be the front line of the brunt of what Governo. Branstad has allured to with his code words: rigging (and) colluding... So when people don't understand our system the first thing you tend to do is you're negative," says Moritz.

She says it takes away the voter trust the office has worked to gain for years. They expect to receive a lot more calls connected with the voter rigging comment.

"....People are going to feel unsafe about the integrity of the election and not sure if their voice is going to be heard. or that their ballots are actually going to be counted," she says.

Moritz says she would be happy to let people with questions or concerns about voting in Scott County, see for themselves just how their votes are counted.