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Local cartoonist finds humor and fame in presidential election

BETTENDORF, Iowa-- The debate to decide who will be the next president of the United States isn't typically a laughing matter, but sometimes it's necessary.

Jason Platt is a cartoonist who usually sketches comics about growing pains, but his focus has switched to some recent pains. He's using his attention to detail to shine a light on the overflow of information on the presidential election.

"There is a lot more material that's on the table to grab and eat," says Platt.

With all the negativity on both sides, he's trying to give voters a mental break even just for a moment.

"If we get a little laugh, it escapes us. We can laugh at some of the seriousness that's going on in the world just for that one second," says Platt.

It works out not only for comic lovers but in Platt's favor as well. Now his political work is gaining traction on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.