Record breaking temperatures for October in the Quad Cities

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MOLINE, Illinois - Kids were having fun at the park on a warm October day, taking advantage of summer-like weather.

"We're here together with the Quad Cities wild explorers home school group and every few weeks we take a hike and it was a beautiful day and we thought we'd check out Prospect Park."

The kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts enjoying weather that's out of the ordinary for this time of the year.

"A couple things that are helping us out, low temperature this morning was in the 70`s so we already started off well above normal and with this gusty south wind we`ve got, nowhere to go but up," said WQAD Meteorologist Eric Sorensen.

It wasn't just kids out and about in the warm weather, golfers were taking advantage of it too.

"Usually we golf on Thursday but since today was so nice we're golfing today," said Loren Mcfate.

Some broke out their clubs early this week just to get out in the sun.

On a beautiful day, a little windy but we're not complaining, it's October and we're enjoying every minute of it," said Mcfate.

The warm weather isn't going to stick around though.

"We do have this cold front coming through for tonight and it will kind of bring us down in little stair steps, so no big shock to the system but 70`s will turn to 60`s," said Sorensen.