Guilty verdict in trial of teen charged with murder

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A Quad City teen has been found guilty of murder after two hours of jury deliberations at the Rock Island County courthouse.

Lamaree Wilson, 18, was charged with  murdering 18-year-old Zach Phillips and wounding 20-year-old Erik Roberson in May of last year.

Phillips' mother said she was satisfied with the verdict, and says Wilson's age should have no bearing on his sentence.

" I have no empathy for him. He knowingly committed a crime, he's old enough to know better. He went there with intent to kill," said Lyndsie McCoy.

Phillips was a senior about to graduate from United Township High School, when Wilson opened fire on his car.

Witnesses say Wilson was going to buy a small amount of marijuana from Roberson that day, but started shooting without saying a word.

"We still don't know why. You'd think if he had intended to rob him, why didn't he just rob him with a gun, then nobody would have gotten hurt," said McCoy.

The two survivors of the shooting both identified Wilson as the gunman. They knew him from school.

Prosecutors say Wilson had been out of juvenile prison for just 8 days, and used his father's handgun in the shooting.

McCoy said it was irresponsible for the father not to lock up his handgun.

Wilson will be sentenced in about six weeks.