Ninth woman comes forward, accuses Trump of sexual assault

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A ninth woman has come forward, claiming Donald Trump sexually assaulted her.

"The Guardian" reports that Cathy Heller says Trump took her by the hand, grabbed her, and kissed her against her will nearly 20 years ago at Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort in Florida.

Trump says the charges are entirely "made up" and that the election is "rigged" by the media in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Trump also went on offense today, expressing his displeasure with "Saturday Night Live" over their portrayal of him in last night's sketch. The late night comedy show took on the second presidential debate.

During that debate, Trump was criticized by some for looming behind Hillary Clinton while she was talking. Alec Baldwin, playing Trump, took that to a whole new level, lurking behind Kate McKinnon, who portrays Clinton. "Jaws" music played in the background as Baldwin slowly inched closer and closer to the camera.

Trump took to Twitter this morning, tweeting the show is a "hit job" on him and that Baldwin's portrayal "stinks."