QC civil engineer recounts chaos in aftermath of deadly shooting

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A Quad City business owner recounted the frantic minutes after finding himself in the middle of the aftermath of a deadly shooting.

Christopher Townsend of Townsend Engineering in Davenport took the witness stand Thursday in the trial of 18-year old LaMaree Wilson.

Wilson is accused of opening fire at a car in May of 2015, and killing 18-year- old Zachary Phillips and badly wounding 20-year- old Erik Roberson.

Townsend testified he made a wrong turn after visiting a job site in Silvis, and on the way back to Iowa, saw what looked like a kid with car trouble off 53rd Street in Moline.

"There was somebody laying down by the tire, so we thought it was a flat tire," he said.

But when he approached the red car, he saw a young man wounded and in distress, and another, inside the car, appeared dead.

"I got out of the car, first thing I saw was this kid sitting in the front seat, with a hole in his head," he said.

The wounded man was "holding his phone, saying 'we've been shot,'" he said.

"The kid laying down by the tire had blood coming down by his face and said am I going to die, I said no, you are not going to die," he testified.

His co-worker called 9-1-1.

Wilson was arrested a short time later, after witnesses and the survivor identified him as the shooter.

When police arrived at his father's house in Moline, they testified there were red shoes burning in the backyard.

They also testified they found blue latex gloves in Wilson's pockets, and retrieved a handgun tossed a few blocks away, which was traced to Wilson's father, Bobby.

Testimony resumes Friday.