Fight almost breaks out after protester interrupts Bill Clinton’s Davenport rally

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -  A protester lashed out at Bill Clinton during a campaign stop in the Quad Cities for his wife on Thursday, Oct. 13. The protester starting shouting "Bill is a rapist," almost causing a fight.

However, the former president didn't let that stop him from his real focus, his wife.

"If you serve poison for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a year and a half, somebody's going to drink it and give it back, so dont boo them. Try to get them to stop screaming and talk to you, because this country needs to be brought together," former president Bill Clinton responded.

We've almost come to expect these kinds of disruptions during this deeply divided season, but Clinton supporters are not swayed.

"That's one reason why I like following her, no matter what they dish out to her, she stays on the high road and just takes the majority of it ," said voter Mary Jo Petersen.

Once all the commotion calmed down, Clinton said he's proud of the job Hillary's done during the past two debates.

"I want to give it to her opponent. In that long miserable hour-and-a-half he committed one fact, he said "I got to give it to her, she's persistent, you can't beat her down, you can't beat her up, she never gives up on you'," said Clinton.