What to do about your plants before the first frost

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa — It's that time of year to bring outside plants inside the house.

Temperatures dropped into the 50's on Wednesday afternoon and overnight lows will hit the mid 30's.

"We’re not going to get major damage, but if you’ve got soft plants like impatiens, marigolds you really need to get them covered," said Craig Hignight, Garden Expert.

"The important thing is you don't want them to get frosted and keep them a little on the dry side," said Hignight.

Hignight suggests getting house plants inside for a couple days.

"Fortunately we haven't had any rain in a few days, so they have had a chance to dry down. The last thing you want to do is haul a soggy plant into the house. It's going to be instantly over-watered," said Hignight.

Perennials are heartier than annuals so plants like hostas will pull through Wednesday night's early frost with ease.

According to Hignight, mums can stay outside as they are safe down to 27-degrees.