Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says she’s promoting the Republican party, not necessarily Donald Trump

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Senator Joni Ernst set the record straight on where she stands in the upcoming Presidential Election.

"I`m not getting behind Trump, and I wouldn't say looking at his comments and again I'm not gonna defend him, let's make that clear, I will not defend him on these issues and I don't condone it, again I am not necessarily promoting Donald Trump, I am promoting my party though," said Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

Even though she's voting for her party, Donald Trumps' comments weren't easy to hear.

"It is hard to hear, of course it is I don`t think anybody wants to hear that type of talk coming from anyone whether it`s a man or a women so I think we at this point we need to step aside and take a look at the policies, what is he promoting," said Ernst.

Ernst said they need to make sure what Trump is promoting is in align with Republican values.

"I would like to see some corrections along that line and I look forward to pushing my initiatives in the United States Senate, especially when it comes to sexual assault, military sexual trauma, like to get that onto his desk and make sure that he signs it," said Ernst.

Ernst said it's time to focus on what really matters.

"What I want to focus on is policy and the platforms that have been presented and I think tax reform is very important, economic growth is important and we have some differences between the parties in how we achieve that," said Ernst.

She'd like to hear more about these issues during the debates.

"I encourage both of our presidential candidates to start focusing on policy less on personal attacks and again both sides not one or the other," said Ernst.