Diehard Knox County Cubs fans size-up World Series hopes and dreams

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ONEIDA, Illinois-

It's lunch period at ROWVA High on Wednesday.

"They just finally have their stuff together," said Colton LaGrow, 17.

The Chicago Cubs are a hot dish.

"Just take it game by game," added Ryan Swanson, 17.

Diehard fans like principal Joe Peters know they're one step away from the World Series.

"A hundred years of misery," he said.

The Cubs are advancing to the National League Championship Series after a ninth inning rally in San Francisco Tuesday night.

"It was a wonderful comeback," said Sherrill Swanson.

That's the buzz at Swanson's Barber Shop in Galesburg.

"To come back is just what we needed to push us on," he said.

These barbers split their loyalty between the Cubs and Cardinals.

"I think it's the perfect combination," he continued.

This year, all curses, talk of 1908 and Bartman aside, the Cards are getting the goat in 2016.

Barber Ronda Spicher, on the disabled list with an arm injury, is gracious for the moment.

"I hope they (Cubs) go all the way," she said.  "I think the Cards will win it next year."

While the Main Street barber shop is a shrine to both teams, there's no doubt for customer Forrest Thurman.

"I wouldn't come in here without a Cubs shirt on," he said.

Thurman, a Cubs fan for 50 years, dresses the part, from shirt to sneakers.

"This is the year the waiting is over," he continued.

Joe Peters has season tickets and quite the autograph collection.

He'll be in the seats Sunday for Game 2 at Wrigley Field.

"It's going to be loud," he said.  "It's going to be crazy."

His collection features on-field family photos, special souvenirs and a big "Win" flag decked out with pins from past games.

But his best memory may be just around the corner: a trip to the World Series, and he's got tickets.

"Hopefully, over the next week we'll get four more wins," he concluded.

These Cubs fans think it will be worth the wait.