Republican senators stick with Trump despite lewd comments about women

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BETTENDORF — Two Republican senators in the Quad Cities Tuesday to attend the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Bettendorf said they are sticking with Donald Trump despite recorded lewd comments about women a decade ago.

Sen. Tom Cotton, (R) Arkansas, the feature speaker at the dinner, said Trump’s comments are offensive, demeaning and shameful but he still will support the GOP nominee.

“Donald Trump can’t change what he said 11 years ago,” said Cotton.  “All he can try to do is change his ways now and bring the change this country needs because we know Hillary Clinton isn’t going to do that.”

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley,  running for his seventh term, echoed the distaste over Trump’s comments but continues to endorse the nominee.

“We’ve got a choice,” he said.  “Do I want another four years of what we’ve had? Hillary Clinton has very much indicated that we’re going to have another four years of what we’ve had.”

Grassley says that Iowans will be less safe and less secure economically if Democrats prevail.

“They want to regulate everything,” he continued.  “They want to tax everything. They want to spend all the money and more.  That’s not good for growth.”

Tuesday’s event at the Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf will play to a sellout crowd.

It’s a major fundraiser for Scott County Republicans.