They’re ugly, smelly and invading the Quad Cities

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MOLINE, Illinois - The invasive stink bug is invading homes.

Windows, sidings, even air conditioning units, stink bugs are everywhere.

"Normally you`re lucky to see one or two. This year I mean they`re all over the place," said George Bingham, general manager at Teske's.

At Teske's they deal with every kind of insect and have noticed this year there are more stink bugs than normal.

"They`re just usually not in the kind of numbers that we`re seeing this year and again this is the Quad Cities so it`s one thing or another and this year it's stink bugs," said Bingham.

Bingham says rainfall could be the reason why there're so many this year.

"I think it has a lot to do with all the rain that we`ve had, because it was such an extended rainy period and also they bred in overgrown areas," said Bingham.

Stink bugs look for warm spots to go. When it cools down the heat from your house attracts them. Most people find them on window screens or doors.

The best thing people can do is buy bug spray and spray around doorways and window seals.

While stink bugs aren't harmful, they can be nuisance, "They smell like high heaven if you crush one or disturb them.  They`re kind of nasty looking too," said Bingham.

Bingham says they're probably going to disappear when a hard frost hits, but don't be surprised to see more next year.