What WQAD News 8’s Jim Mertens thought of the debate from his view in St. Louis

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met for their second debate Sunday evening, October 9, 2016.

As WQAD News 8's Jim Mertens describes it, it was chilly from the start.  The two candidates literally faced off, skipped the handshake, and made their way to their corners.

The 90 minute debate was a town-hall style event with questions from moderators and audience members.  Issues like taxes, the country's debt, healthcare, and racism were addressed, and scandals like a video which captured a vulgar conversation including Trump from 2005  and Clinton's email scandal were brought up as well.

Given the latest hot topics surrounding the campaign, Mertens offered some insight into what we'll be hearing about most in the coming weeks.

"Sex, lies, video tape, that's what you're going to see for the next month," Mertens said.

As far as the final question goes, Mertens said he found it interesting that both candidates were able to come up with something they admired about the other.

Clinton, saying she respected Trumps' children, and Trump saying he thought Clinton was a fighter, who never gives up.