Hundreds pack meals for Haiti victims in Davenport after Hurricane Mathew

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Hundreds of people packed The Vineyard Church of Davenport to prepare meals for the people of Haiti who have been impacted by Hurricane Mathew.

The church committed to make 15,000 meals for "Kids Against Hunger Your Quad Cities" a couple months ago.

"We kept asking them, do you know where the meals are going to go, and they said well, we don't know, but wherever the greatest need is," explained Pastor Patrick Street, Lead Pastor at The Vineyard Church of Davenport.

Turns out, that greatest need would be in Haiti, where a category four hurricane Mathew ripped through the southern part of the country.

"Now we get to feed the people in a time of real crisis and need," said Pastor Street.

The meals cost 25 cents a bag, so The Vineyard Church of Davenport had to raise $3,750; they did, and then some. As of Sunday's meal prepping event, the church had raised $9,200, enough for 37,000 meals.

"For those people to be hungry and homeless and dealing with the loss of family members and friends, who knows what having a nutritious meal can satisfy and for them to know that people across the world packaged these meals for them, because they want to help and encourage them," said Jasmine Bozeman, who has been attending The Vineyard Church of Davenport for two and a half years.

The bags of food consist of four ingredients including a scoop of essential vitamins.

"I just couldn't imagine being in that situation, so it means so much to be able to provide that [the meals] for other mothers and children especially at a time when it's so needed," said Bozeman, who is a single mother of three children.

The church had to put in its order for 15,000 meals in advance, so Pastor Street says his church will be doing another meal prepping event within a couple months to make another 22,000 meals.

"I got to hang out with my friends and it's for a good cause, so it's always good to do that," said Dalton Carstens, a sophomore at Davenport West High School. He spend a couple hours on Sunday afternoon bagging up meals alongside his teammates from the Falcons football team.

For Pastor Street, the afternoon was about a congregation of people from all backgrounds helping others in need.

"Instead of waiting around for politicians or whoever to change the world it's about us, doing more than we ever thought we could," said Pastor Street.

The 15,000 meals will be shipped to Haiti this week as part of a greater shipment of 1 million meals from the "Kids Against Hunger" organization.