Storms damage King’s Harvest shelter in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Storms on Thursday night, Oct. 6, did severe damage to the King's Harvest Ministries shelter on Third Street in Davenport.

"We just had a new roof put on up there, it's laying in our parking lot in the back so there's quite a bit of extensive damage up there that we're gonna have to deal with," said Mary Fahrion, King's Harvest Ministries.

There will be no meals served at the shelter Friday as clean up continues. People needing a meal are asked to go to Timothy's House of Hope at 1407 W. 4th St. in Davenport, instead. For safety reasons, the shelter is closed until further notice.

"We pulled it all together, a lot of team work, a lot of effort and volunteers," said Darrell Eston, Director, Timothy's House of Hope.

King's Harvest - which serves hot meals to more than 500 people in need every week, is always in need of donations, but even more so now. Donations can be made here.

Friday evening, the Davenport School District is transporting the shelter's current residents to Lincoln School, with help from the Red Cross, says a press release from the shelter. It goes on to say that their meal site, grocery giveaway, necessity giveaway and pet food pantry are all closed until further notice.


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