Bettendorf residents pitch in to help during storm aftermath

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A chainsaw's roar leads the way to Greenbrier Drive in Bettendorf on Friday morning.

"We might be able to push it over," said Jason Willits, while clearing tree limbs.  "Let it fall in the yard."

Willits works on a tree that tore gutters and put holes in his roof.

The severe storm late Thursday also knocked out power and created quite a mess.

"The wind got pretty bad," he recalled.  "I went down to the basement and heard the trees crashing."

Just around the corner, there's plenty of tree damage surrounding New Hope Baptist Church.

But while branches are scattered all over the property on Tanglefoot Lane, there doesn't appear to be any structural damage.

"We heard the whistle, the roar," said Terri Cannon.  "I told my husband, that's not rain."

Tree crews, residents and volunteers worked nonstop Friday morning, clearing debris and branches from Bettendorf yards.

At least one power pole was still leaning after strong winds battered it.

"Those trees over there were all blocking the road," recalled Taylor Bolton.  "I had to park over there and walk all the way to my house."

Over on Golden Valley Drive, longtime resident Rich Moran discovered that a tree had fallen on his car.

"It was pretty severe," he said.  "Within a few seconds, you could hear a lot of stuff popping and cracking."

Back at the Willits house, they use a truck to pull branches off his roof.

"Let's do it," he said.

This neighborhood, while left with a lot of chores, knows is could have been much worse.

"The kids are good," he said.  "My wife is good. That's the most important thing."