Professional Clowns on Edge Over National Creepy Clown Sightings

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ORION, Illinois – Recent clown hysteria is striking a nerve with real, professional clowns. It has one professional clown worried about his safety and his ability to make money.

Professor Dum Dum and his nephew, Achoo say their favorite part of being clowns is making people laugh.

"Just seeing their eyes light up and the look on their face when they get the balloon is magical,” says Professor Dum Dum.

From skits to balloons, and brightening someone’s day, Professor Dum Dum has found his calling.

“We go out to nursing homes and hospitals for people who are having a bad day or a tough time in their life,” says Professor Dum Dum.

Achoo the clown

Achoo the clown

Recent creepy clown sightings have taken a hit to his business.

“We aren't getting as many people calling and booking because of the negative publicity going on,” says Professor Dum Dum.

While the phenomenon has people across the nation on edge some local Halloween stores are benefiting from it. In just the past week Halloween Express in Davenport has seen an increase in clown mask sales.

“It was like six in one day which is highly unusual to sell six clown masks in one day,” says Carrie Meredith with Halloween Express.

Achoo says if the hype from creepy clown sightings doesn't come to an end, so could his career.

“Clowns will probably be out of business. It does kind of worry me a bit but I think everything is going to get over with and be done with it,” says Achoo.

At the end of the day Achoo and Professor Dum Dum have one goal in mind.

“I want to help other people not be afraid of clowns,” says Achoo.

“We are not scary we are not anything to be frightened. We like to make people laugh and make people happy,” says Professor Dum Dum.