Popular escape game growing in the Quad Cities

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Bettendorf, Iowa - It may seem like a nightmare for some people, but for others it sounds like a fun game.

You can find escape rooms in big cities across the country. Groups of people are locked in a room and they must solve different puzzles to escape before time runs out.

It's a game growing in popularity and could be growing in the Quad Cities.

Scott Carpenter opened his business, Bustout Live Escape Game, in Bettendorf a year ago after he came across an escape game while on vacation.

"Now there`s been so many of these that have opened up in the bigger cities," said Carpenter.

His business is the first of its kind in the Quad Cities, but possibly soon, not the only one.

A Davenport man wants to put his escape room inside a former church off of Harrison Street.

Carpenter says he's not surprised. Since opening his business he's noticed the game has attracted every type of crowd, locking friends and even strangers together into a mission to escape.

"It makes them interact with each other and work together and it just brings us back to talking to each other," said Carpenter.

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