New push for No Budget, No Pay legislation from Illinois Comptroller

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — There's a new push to make sure Illinois lawmakers don't get paid if they don't complete work on a state budget. It's an issue republicans are campaigning on and it's led by Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger.

"We are 21 months into our second fiscal year now without a budget in the state. We are constitutionally required to have a balanced budget passed by the legislature, signed by our governor before we enter our fiscal year. It's a constitutional requirement that's being totally ignored," said Leslie Munger, at a news conference outside of the Rock Island GOP Headquarters downtown on Wednesday.

Under Munger's plan, the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Bruce Rauner would have to agree on an annual balanced budget by the end of the legislative session, or they don't get paid.

"I'm the chief fiscal officer of our state, the most important thing we can do to help our state on a better track is to get a budget in place so we know what our priorities are for spending and how we're going to pay for and this initiative puts some teeth in that constitutional requirement," said Munger.

Munger was joined by Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson, and State Representative Candidates Brandi McGuire, Don Swanson and Tony McCombie.

"It's very unfair for us as candidates to continuously make promises especially when it comes to our taxpaying dollars and not stand behind them so I support the No Budget, No Pay and I think the voters do too," said Tony McCombie, republican candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives District 71. McCombie faces democrat Mike Smiddy, current Illinois state representative for the 71st district.

"This No Budget, No Pay really takes it a step further and really holds people accountable to get their jobs done like we all have to do in our own jobs and our own careers," said Munger.

Munger is up for special election against democrat Susana Mendoza in November's general election.