Scott County Republican expand ground game, hoping to beat local Democrats

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BETTENDORF, Iowa-- It's 38 days until Election Day, but Scott County Republicans are already out in full force, trying to get undecided voters, hesitant Republicans, and even some Democrats excited to vote for Donald Trump.

Members of the Scott County GOP and several volunteers gathered at their local headquarters in Bettendorf. They talked about their ground game plans, before taking their game to the streets.

Iowa's GOP Chair, Jeff Kaufmann, was part of today's group. He says local Republicans are using a Trump-like approach, explaining, "Today is about taking it to the people. If there's one thing Donald Trump has brought to this party and renewed to this party, it's that the people are the power. There's some things you can't do by telephone. There's some things you have to look people in the eye and that's what the folks are doing today."

Kaufman says he's especially proud of his party that on a rainy, Iowa football game day, they'd spend time knocking on doors.