Putnam exhibit puts tarantula, earthworm jerky to the (taste) test

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If you have a weak stomach, you'd want someone else to do this taste testing.

Zebra tarantula was one of the many exotic foods up for a taste test at the Putnam Museum on Friday, Sept. 30. Genesis Health System's Ken Croken and Putnam CEO Kim Findlay tried all sorts of odd eats to bring awareness to the museum's newest exhibit, Hungry Planet.

Starting October 1, the public is invited to the What the World Eats exhibit, which features photos of 10 families from around the world and the foods they eat, and hands-on activities.

Have you ever eaten tarantula? Worm jerky? Or have you even heard of a Chinese century egg? These foods are all delicacies in other cultures, but most people in America would never think of them as food.

"I think it's largely a matter of attitude and the fact that other cultures, wouldn't think twice about some of these proteins especially that we had today, and protein being one of the great missing parts of our diets - it's worth an exploration," said Ken Croken.

Croken says food, nutrition and physical activity is the number one community health need in the Quad Cities community.