Dewitt high school students cover downtown with toilet paper as part of yearly tradition

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DEWITT, Iowa - One week each fall a high school prank takes over the whole town.

There's familiar sights that let you know its homecoming week, but in Dewitt, some are more obvious than others. Toilet paper paints the downtown.

"My husband and I actually got our meals the other night and we sat out on the front porch swing and watched them. There were 50 kids in just black tping over here," said Shannon Soenksen, who lives in Dewitt.

What some people would consider vandalism; people in Dewitt just call it fun.

"I think it's some of the community likes to think it's fun to see, maybe some other people don`t like it, but my kids think it's hilarious," said Soenksen.

High school seniors TP the town for a whole week, making sure to really cover the city's park.

"This year is pretty impressive, but they do high quality work. I mean they do try and get it this big every year, but yeah they`ve done a very good job this year," said Lindsey Tague, who used to TP when she was in high school.

It's a tradition that started years ago.

Tague hopes her daughter keeps the tradition going, "My daughter dislikes it because she says because it makes her park messy, but I told her it`s a right of passage this is what you do when hit high school for homecoming week and she goes so I can do it when I get bigger and I said absolutely."

The school district says they get a group of students to clean up the mess.