Zeppelin spotted over Davenport! #TBT

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Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday! retro1

We begin on May 24, 1915 in Rock Island. This is the William Johnston Sheet Metal and Furnace Works, the very first brick building built in Rock Island!retro2

Next up, welcome to “Mister Homegrown.” It’s 1974 and every one of those pumpkins was grown on the premises. It was open from April 15 through Christmas and was known for Christmas trees and fruit baskets.retro3

For those students heading to an early morning class at St. Ambrose University, here’s what your campus looked like in 1940. Before that, the university was known as St. Ambrose Academy and was a seminary and school for young men. The educational institution was founded in Davenport in 1882.retro4

Finally, check out the view high above Davenport on August 18, 1929. The Graf Zeppelin is on its historic circumnavigation of the globe. The enormous airship, measuring 776 feet in length, took off from Lakehurst, New Jersey and flew to Germany, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and back to New Jersey passing over the general Quad City area. The trip around the globe took 21 days, including the three stops, with a flight time of 12 ½ days.

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