Henry County Humane Society’s new shelter close to completion thanks to big donations

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GENESEO, Illinois -  After more than three years in the making, the Henry County Humane Society in Geneseo is close to being finished with its new building.  A big thanks goes to two separate groups who stepped up to make it happen.

Some will call it fate that Geneseo High School students would be brought to the Henry County Humane Society's shelter.

The society started building its new shelter more than three years ago, but the inside has sat unfinished. Since then the society has been trying to raise enough money to finish it.

"Honestly the whole time I've been working here kind of torture driving by this building and heading to the old building," said Tracy Diehl, shelter manager.

Geneseo's construction trade class offered to do the labor for free.

"If you`re more of a hands on kind of guy like me you know you`re going to want to be out here visualizing and actually doing what is it they say you're gonna do," said student, Ryan Webber.

Giving students hands on experience while also helping out the community.

"We`re doing this for a nonprofit organization which makes it feel a lot better," said student, John Hannah.

However before the students could help, a big chunk of cash was needed to buy material, $250,000 worth of material.

That's where fate would come into play again.

Barb and Bob Kuhns decided to donate the money. Barb is a retired veterinarian from Geneseo.

"It wasn`t coming from anybody else so we just decided it was kind of meant to be," said Barb.

Everything is now coming together, "To see the end is soon, hopefully, that`s pretty great," said Diehl.

The shelter says when it came up with the project cost the labor was factored in, now that that's free the shelter's going to look to see how much more money its needs, if any at all.