Why it’s better to get the flu shot as soon as it becomes available

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MOLINE, Illinois - At many pharmacies around the Quad Cities they are offering the flu shot.

Some may think it's too early.

"I think actually later in October or early November to protect yourself from the flu," said Kathy Lewellen.

According to the Centers for Disease for Disease Control and Prevention it's better to get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

"You want to get it as soon as possible and you want to get it before influenza activity actually starts so that you have full protection when the flu season starts," said Lisa Caffery, infection prevention coordinator at Genesis.

The flu season typically starts mid-November and goes through the end of May, with a long time span for the flu.

Caffery said getting vaccinated is important.

"Influenza kills it's a respiratory illness that's important to keep it mind and it kills people every single flu season," said Caffery.

Caffery said even if you don't think you can be affected you can still carry the virus and pass it onto others.