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Man drops ring in baseball game proposal gone wrong

NEW YORK -- It's the proposal that almost wasn't.  This man pulled out all the stops to propose to his girlfriend, but when he pulled out the ring - it dropped.

The couple, Andrew and Heather, along with fans surrounding them looked for the ring. After a few minutes of searching, the bride-to-be found it in the cuff of her jeans.

And after all that, she accepted his proposal.

"I panicked with him," Heather said later to MLB. "It was all like such a shock to me, I didn't know that it was gonna happen in the first place and then he dropped the ring and I didn't know what to think. I felt really really bad."

And Andrew said the baseball fans around him were empathetic.

"Everyone was so nice in helping us," he said. "They could see how depressed I was I guess and it's almost like they felt the same way  I did."

Here's everything that happened in their own words: