Davenport considers bringing backyard chickens to the city

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Davenport City Council discussed bringing backyard chickens to the city during their work session meeting Tuesday, September 27.

This comes as Rock Island City Council is set to vote on its own backyard chicken ordinance this month, allowing homeowners to have up to six hens.

Moline has already passed a chicken ordinance earlier this July.

"We're interested (but ) there's still work to be done," says Davenport Mayor, Frank Klipsch.

The council plans to look into more of the details on the project in the near future, right now is too early to tell when or even if an ordinance will be created in Davenport.

More than 500 people from the Davenport and Scott County backyard chickens group signed a petition in favor of a chicken ordinance in the city.