Chicken Coops Could Soon Find Their Way to Backyards in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – The city of Davenport is thinking about allowing backyard chickens inside city limits. During the city’s work meeting, leaders asked if there was a need for a chicken ordinance and looked at what other cities have done.

Rock Island is set to vote on its own ordinance in the coming months, and Moline passed its own in July of this year.

If Davenport decides to allow chicken coops, they will join a handful of other cities in the agreement.

For chicken lovers like Liz Smith, finally being able to have chickens in her backyard is a relief.

For over a year, Liz went before the Moline city council to get a backyard chicken ordinance passed.

“The biggest issue was just dealing with the nay sayers and the people who didn't want it,” remembers Liz

In July, Moline gave the okay.

“The whole time we were hoping that Davenport, Rock Island and Bettendorf would legalize it. We hoped to pave the way for the other cities,” says Liz.

Now, people are asking for the same ordinance in davenport. At Tuesday's city council work meeting members discussed the possibility of a chicken ordinance.  T topic ruffles some feathers for Davenport alderman Ray Ambrose.

“When you have 40 to 50 feet between the house and kids it's nothing but a problem,” says Ambrose

For Liz and her kids chickens are part of the family and they help her kids learn.

“I use it as learning where your food comes from and from a sustainability stand point. They help feed and water them and clean up after them. Soon they will help gather the eggs, says Liz.

Liz says anyone who wants an ordinance passed in their city should speak up to their city alderman.

No word yet on when an ordinance will be drafted in Davenport. City leaders say they want to hear from other cities that already have the ordinance and get public input before they move forward.