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Guys, here’s why it might be time to ditch the boxer shorts

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A blogger at GQ has a clear message for men who wear boxers: Stop now.

In the eyes of Jake Woolf, they might have been OK in the ’90s era of loose-fitting clothing, but they don’t fly with today’s sleeker fashions.

“Boxers, with their loose fit and ballooning fabric scrunched into one elastic waistband, bunch underneath everything, from slim-fit trousers and jeans to even shorts,” writes Woolf.  Worse, they’ll destroy the look of a good suit.

“You say they’re masculine, unpretentious; we say they’re the uniform of your overzealous teenage-boy self,” writes Woolf. He concedes they’re fine in one situation only: In the morning, around the house, when you’re not seen in public. Beyond that, buy some black boxer-briefs. “Be part of the solution,” he implores. Just stop.

Meanwhile, a blogger at Deadspin has an equally clear message for men at GQ who tell other men what kind of underwear to use: Stop now.

Albert Burneko doesn’t so much write a defense of boxers as a defense of not being pressured into clothing choices by a fashion magazine whose interest it is to create James Bond clones.

You like boxers? Great, put ’em on. “Wearing what makes you feel good and confident and comfortable will make you look good and confident and comfortable, and therefore attractive,” he writes. “The people who will be attracted to you when you are feeling good and confident and comfortable will be better—in the sack and everywhere else—than the people who will be attracted to you when you are chasing the fashion of the moment.”

Read his full post here, and Woolf’s here.

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